Two Years of the Bruery
Courtesy of the Bruery

Two Years of the Bruery

Got your tickets yet?

The Bruery's second anniversary is coming up, weekend after next, and you'll need a ticket for the festivities. They are actually breaking down the party into four-hour chunks, two per day, so they can host as many people as possible without the ridiculous lines occasioned by Black Tuesday.

If you're about to reply and say that four hours isn't enough time to party down, you have obviously never drunk Patrick Rue's high-ABV brews; four hours of straight drinking and most people would have to be wheeled out in barrows.

The fine folks at the Tasting Room will have a wider-than-usual selection on tap and will be selling their second anniversary beer, Coton. Also scheduled to be on tap (though actual selections may vary): Melange #3, Humulus Rice, and the best beer they've ever made, Oude Tart.

They'll have Beachwood BBQ onsite, and possibly Liège waffles (i.e., the real Belgian waffles). The $40 admission price includes 10 samples plus food; tickets can be had at the Bruery's provisions website.

Head on over and celebrate! We're hoping the third anniversary will happen in the new brewpub in the Placita Santa Fe.


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