Blurry iPhone pictures: not tasty.
Blurry iPhone pictures: not tasty.

Two "Tasty" Restaurants Open; At Least One More In The Works

When it comes to restaurant names "Tasty" is the new "Licious".

In Irvine, Tasty Noodle House has opened. The new restaurant, located a few doors down from Panda Express, specializes in the cuisine of the port city of Dalian. It has a branch in San Gabriel known for their pan-fried pork bao and Shanghainese noodle dishes. It won't be the only "Tasty" restaurant in that 99 Ranch-anchored plaza. A so-called "Tasty Garden" is also going to open there. The two restaurants are not related.

In Westminster, taking over the space of Okiniiri, a Japanese street foods restaurant that didn't last a year, is Tasty Sandwiches, a banh mi purveyor currently touting a $1 grilled pork sandwich to reel in new customers. I haven't tried it. I have no doubt it's cheap, but is it "tasty?"

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