Two New Restaurants Planned For Triangle Square

If you read the title of this post and are thinking, "Triangle Square? I thought everything moved out of that M.C. Escher-nightmare mall long ago." Well, yes, NikeTown and Virgin Megastore are gone; but Yard House and Sutra are hanging on, and now will apparently have some company.

The Daily Pilot has reported that Saddle Ranch Chop House (whom you might have seen in front of Universal Studios) and a restaurant called El Corazon de Costa Mesa will move into the space vacated by Chronic Cantina and Johnny Rockets, respectively. Developers are even talking of a possible hip-and-current bowling alley like Bowlmor and 300 for their venue.

So are we seeing a revival of Triangle Square? That still remains to be seen. I still remember plans for an ultra luxe movie theater that never materialized. But news like this allows me to trot out my usual joke whenever the subject comes up: "Don't you hate it when you can't find parking there and have to circle Triangle Square?" Har har...Sorry.

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