Two Eateries Close at Diamond Jamboree

It seems that we may have reached a critical mass at Diamond Jamboree. The Asian shopping and dining complex dynamo, which for a while accounted for just about all the new eateries Irvine, has finally seen its first set of closures.

The first actually happened so fast I hardly noticed. Ce Fiore, the frozen yogurt shop that was literally living in 85°C Bakery Café's shadow, has shuttered and turned over to become another branch of Lollicup, which opened last week and makes two for Irvine. This development has to also be the first time I've seen a boba shop supplanting a froyo shop.

Han Arum Roll House was the other surprise closure. Last week, the kimbap station that I recently reviewed on my blog, put up a sign informing customers that they are permanently closed. No word yet what will replace it. I doubt it will be a froyo shop.


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