Two Domino's Employees Film Themselves Contaminating Food

Two Domino's Employees Film Themselves Contaminating Food

I don't relish sharing stories like this, but news is news.  Two Domino's employees in North Carolina with very, very, very poor judgment put up a video of themselves on YouTube stuffing cheese up their noses and then putting it on a pizza they were preparing. 

Other bodily orifices and functions were involved in ways I shall not get into (because I just ate).

Obviously, Domino's corporate offices fired them.  But they did one better; they got them arrested and are also planning to sue.

The video in question has since been taken down off YouTube (by one of the ex-employees).  You probably don't need to see it, but here's a local station's newscast that has the full report and snippets from the video...which, of course, is now also called "evidence for the prosecution".

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