Tustin's Newport Blvd. is Sweet and Spicy!

On Tustin's Newport Blvd., there are already several Indian businesses. Masala Bowl, an Indian fast-food joint that has franchise aspirations, started here. India Sweets and Spices is across the street, offering cheap vegetarian lunches and groceries. And if you veer off Newport Blvd. into its tributary of El Camino Real, you'll find Laxmi Sweets & Spices, another Indian restaurant/grocery store hybrid.

Seven months ago, India SpiceMart opened on Newport Blvd. But because it's hidden behind a Carl's Jr., it's impossible to spot if you weren't actually looking for it -- which is why I didn't notice it until today.

Also today I spied another new place called Radhika Sweets and Spices, which is about to open next to Haveli. When it does, that will make at least four Indian grocers in this area alone. We're still far off from seeing another Pioneer Blvd. in Artesia (that's where Little India is), but I think it makes Tustin's Newport Blvd. even more interesting, no?

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