True Food Kitchen to Open at Fashion Island
Photo from True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen to Open at Fashion Island

Back in August of last year, fellow Forker Lesley wrote about a concept called True Food Kitchen which is based in Arizona but had plans for an O.C. restaurant.  What we didn't know was where or when.

Well, thanks to a job posting for an Executive Chef position at the place, we do now.  It'll be...well, you've already read the Fashion Island, opening this Spring. 

But knowing where the place will be is one thing. Figuring out what they're really about is another.  Here's what it said about it in the listing:

"True Food Kitchen is an innovative new eatery developed in partnership with Fox Restaurant Concepts and best-selling author, Dr. Andrew Weil. True Food Kitchen offers a globally inspired, seasonal menu that appeals to people of all ages seeking a more balanced lifestyle. True Food Kitchen celebrates the simple, pure flavors of quality local and regional ingredients with a menu that tastes great while nourishing your mind, body and spirit. At True Food Kitchen, we believe simple, fresh, pure ingredients create the most satisfying and memorable dining experiences. While our menu is packed with nutritious, good-for-you vegetables, whole grains, and proteins, we never sacrifice flavor. You may not notice the difference but it's there!"

What the heck does that even mean?

Well, I looked at their website, and boy, if that statement was vague, their site goes the other way.  Overkill, I say.  I'm not even going to begin to go over the FIFTEEN bullet points they list as part of their strengths.  But here's one:

"We are the only restaurant in the nation to provide Olivello Juice, an extract from sea buckthorn berries. Olivello is full of powerful natural anti-oxidants and other protective phytonutrients." 

Excuse me while I wikipedia "Olivello" and "sea buckthorn berries"  If it's not in there, I guess I'll have to ask Professor Dumbledore or wait until Potions class to find out.


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