True Food Kitchen in Fashion Island Sets Opening Date

True Food Kitchen in Fashion Island Sets Opening Date

Remember True Food Kitchen at Fashion Island? I wrote about it back in January. Well, the projected Spring 2010 opening date has come and gone, but this week, there was a press release that the restaurant--which touts itself as "celebrating high quality, locally-sourced ingredients to offer a menu that tastes terrific while nourishing the mind, body and spirit"--has set an August 2nd opening date.

I'll let that "nourishing the mind, body and spirit" part sink in a little before I tell you that the concept was masterminded by Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard educated physician who practices integrative medicine and the author of many books. You'll recognize his face even if you haven't any idea who he is.

As for the Arizona-based restaurant concept, here's some dishes that were blurbed with the press release:

Wild Smoked Salmon with Shaved Radishes; Lemon Cream & Wasabe Peas; Sashimi Tuna Salad with Avocado, Cucumber, Tomato, Edamame & Ginger; Curry Chicken with Rice Noodles; Cauliflower & Cashews; Green Tea Soba Noodles with Peas; Bok Choy & Lemongrass; Fresh Tomato Pizza with Pasilla Chile & Machengo; Grilled Wild Ahi Sliders with Wasabi, Radishes and Cucumber on Pumpernickel; and Natural Half Chicken with Farro, Walnuts, Dried Fig, Brussels Sprouts & Squash.

The restaurant is located at 451 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, located next to Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse.


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