Trader Joe's Now Has Its Own Sriracha

Trader Joe's Now Has Its Own Sriracha
Michelle Woo/OC Weekly

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Trader Joe's has tried its hand at packaged Asian cuisine with varying levels of success. Its Punjab choley? Tasty. Its beef pho? Why?!

But its ballsiest creation of all may be its rendition of our favorite hot sauce in the green-capped bottle. Sriracha.

We recently spotted the imposter in the sauce section of our neighborhood TJ's. The bottle looks very similar to the original Sriracha by Huy Fong Foods, except that it has a flat cap and an illustration of a fire-breathing dragon instead of the iconic rooster. While the original is made with sodium bisulfate, the TJ's version contains no preservatives. A description on the shelf reads, "Tastes remarkably like the original with slightly less burn."

The original Sriracha on the left; TJ's version on the right. 
The original Sriracha on the left; TJ's version on the right. 
Michelle Woo/OC Weekly

We compared the Trader Joe's Sriracha with the original, pictured on the left. At first glance, the original is more pastelike, while the TJ's sauce has a lighter, more watered-down texture.

The original has a stronger kick off the bat. It's also more garlicky and tangy--for many, it works best as as a side dipping sauce. TJ's version has a tamer heat with a hint of sweetness. I can see it working well as an all-over glaze on chicken or rice, or even as a spicy salad dressing.

In conclusion--it's good! While the original remains my go-to bottle, I'm glad to add this one to my hot sauce rotation. 
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