Top Five Videos of People Eating Live Shrimp

Top Five Videos of People Eating Live Shrimp

Did you read Michelle's post this morning on the Craigslist poster in Irvine who tried to give away a dish of shrimp because they didn't realize it included the heads?

I have to assume it was those wee beady eyes.

In a society where meat is often faceless, limbless, skinless and boneless, seeing the whole animal you're about to eat looking back at you is apparently still something of a shock.

Well if the person or persons who ordered that dish of shrimp is reading, here are a five videos of people who might not have been so squeamish...although after you see these clips, you might become even more so.

From Thailand.

The best part of the video is the parting comment the mortified lady makes at the end. "I hate to say they're good!"

From Korea.

I'm not sure they're technically still alive after you rip their heads off. But it does make it easier to dip them in chili sauce.

From Denmark.

If you're thinking live-shrimp eating is strictly an Asian thing, know that this video is taken at Noma in Copenhagen, Denmark, the "Best Restaurant In The World" according to Restaurant magazine.

From Laos.

Okay. Another one from SouthEast Asia. Look at those things jump!

From An Unknown Location (But Possibly Vancouver, BC.)

She's not eating it so much as literally sucking the life out of that shrimp head!

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