Top Five Food Scenes In TV Sitcoms

Food as a theme is pervasive on TV these days, and not just the obvious examples of Food Network and all those shows from Ramsay to Richman. I'm talking about sitcoms that have also used food as either a main story arc or just an amusing aside about our love, obsession, and need to eat. And no, I do not count the thankfully short-lived Emeril sitcom of a few years back.

Think of these examples, and I bet you'll think of a few more yourself.

1. Seinfeld.

There are too many food references to name in this series about nothing. Jerry and his cohorts weave food into their neurotic New York lives in almost every other episode, from soup to Junior Mints, from muffin tops to big salad, and of course, the Black and White Cookie.

2. The Simpsons.

Again, here's a series with a wealth of wall-to-wall food references. Some of the best Homerisms that start with "Mmm" almost always have to do with food or drink. A favorite? "Mmm, unprocessed fish sticks!" But the episode entitled "Lisa The Vegetarian" -- starting with a trip to the petting zoo and culminating with a flying pig -- takes the cake as the best example because it also has the eminently quotable "wonderful, magical animal" line from following scene.

3. South Park.

Surely you remember Cartman's Chili Con Carnival? The notorious episode of the series where our resident fat kid gets to reap revenge on bully Scott Tenorman by feeding him chili made from his own parents? If it's possible, there are other memorable food scenes, like this one, where Cartman underhandedly eats all the skin from a bucket of KFC, leaving Stan and Kyle livid and Kenny sobbing.

4. Friends.

To most, mopey Ross has never garnered much sympathy, but he does when talks about the theft of his favorite after-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich with an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle called "The Moistmaker".

5. The Big Bang Theory.

Here's a show where the female lead works as a waitress at the Cheesecake Factory and every title segment ends with the main characters gathered around in front of the TV eating a different takeout meal together. But it's this clip about sandwich assembly from persnickety physicist Sheldon that takes food OCD to a new level of genius.


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