Top Dog Barkery Replaces Three Dog Bakery In Newport Beach

We don't own a dog (yet), but when we roomed with someone who did, we picked up treats for Cocoa and Mocha from Three Dog Bakery in Corona del Mar Plaza. Other than the occasional Gelato Paradiso fix, we rarely head down there anymore.

Turns out the owner of the Newport locale retired, leaving our lone Orange County location without a master. That changed without a hiccup as Karen, an animal shelter volunteer with business acumen, purchased the space and changed the name to Top Dog Barkery. They celebrated their official grand opening over the weekend.

Many of their signature chewy treats remain the same, and bakers are happy to make a custom cake for your best four-legged friend. Both cat and dog-owners can find playtime toys and tasty morsels at the newly decorated shoppe, so take advantage of the pet-friendly spot. Pups will be rewarded with a treat if you accompany them, so be on your best behavior.

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