Top Chef Judges Do Madison Avenue

It started with Tom Colicchio hawking Diet Coke during the Superbowl.


That opened the door to Padma Lakshmi doing naughty Paris Hilton-like things to a Western Bacon Cheeseburger


I admit it: I like the sandwich, and yes, I avidly follow every season of Top Chef. But this? I don't know. It just seems. Hmm. Wrong. But also. So very very right!  

Comments have been made about how the Top Chef judges are selling out. And it would seem that way, at first. But then how can you really be a sell-out when your show is already sponsored, quite heavily, by the Glad Family of Products

It would be different if the show was broadcast on PBS. But it's a reality show. On Bravo! The same channel responsible for the Real Housewives, I might add. 

In any case, I would've bet Gail Simmons to be the first to cash in on the fame. Tom Colicchio, the last.  Padma?  Well, she was a model before all this, and in the commercial she does what models do best...modeling (though, ahem, quite effectively, I admit).

But me, I'm waiting eagerly for what product that new judge, Toby Young, would endorse. I'm sort of hoping that it will be revealed that he was driving the bus that ran down Jack from Jack in the Box.


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