TONIGHT: The Playground + Clay Oven Team Up For A Pork-Filled Night Featuring Ghost Pepper Pork Vindaloo And Pork Crème Brûlée

Last month's collab between The Playground and Clay Oven Indian restaurant was such a hit that they're doing it again--this time with lots and lots of pork. 

But it won't be a prix fixe menu this time. Tonight at The Playground, the regular menu will include a special "Clayground" section, featuring four Indian-inspired dishes from The Playground and three from Clay Oven. The theme is pork, the Clay Oven has hinted on its Facebook page what it'll be bringing to the table. Yep, the words "ghost pepper pork vindaloo," "pork crème brûlée" and "bacon and rosemary shortbread cookies" were mentioned.

To make reservations, call The Playground at (714) 560-4444.

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