Hot hockey pucks!
Hot hockey pucks!

TK North Factory, Obanyaki Vendor, at Costa Mesa Mitsuwa For This Weekend

Do you know what an obanyaki is? It's a Japanese waffle-like filled pastry that goes by many names including oyaki, imagawayaki and "sweet pumpkin." The latter is what TK North Factory has apparently decided to call them, even though most of the ones they're going to be making contain red bean, custard and caramel, and not actual pumpkin, sweet or otherwise.

Whatever they're called, TK North Factory will be at the Mitsuwa Marketplace in Costa Mesa starting today, Thursday, until Sunday.

So get yourself these hockey-puck-shaped pancakes called "sweet pumpkins" or whatever they are, and put in a comment if you actually encounter one with pumpkin in it, because, you know, since it's Halloween and all.

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