Tired of Sake Bombs? Try the Bone Luge Instead
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Tired of Sake Bombs? Try the Bone Luge Instead

Remember the sake bomb? College kids would balance a cup of hot sake on chopsticks, knock it into a half glass of cold beer, and drink it all at once. It tasted slippery and horrible, and half the time people would get their sake cups wedged in their beer glass--amateurs. Then there's the Irish car bomb, which is pretty much the same thing, except with Bailey's, Irish whiskey, and Guinness, and is culturally insensitive to boot.

No, much better to do the bone luge instead.

Here's how you do it: go to 320 Main in Seal Beach and order the roasted bone marrow appetizer and a Cool Runnings shot. The marrow comes with grilled bread and sweet-and-sour tamarind jam; the shot is Smith & Cross Jamaican rum, Becherovka (herbal bitters from the Czech Republic), and oloroso sherry.

Eat the marrow out of the bone with the spoon provided, then put the narrow end of the bone in your mouth. Pour the shot down the divot in the bone (slowly, or you'll spill it everywhere, and that's a party foul) and drink it as it picks up the little bits of beefy fatty awesomeness that your spoon left behind.

Much better than fizzy beer and cheap sake or gross curdled cream in liquid pumpernickel.

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