Meat, meat and more meat
Meat, meat and more meat
Anne Marie Panoringan

Tired of Chicken Wings? Do Buffalegs From Blake's!

We relate chicken wings to crawfish-- lots of work for little reward. No offense to this unofficial NFL finger food, but we'd rather spend our time gnawing on more substantial eats. Like a drumstick; it's meatier and with a built-in handle. So why hasn't anybody capitalized on that yet?

Tucked away in an Anaheim industrial park (plus a second spot in Los Alamitos), Blake's Place is a step ahead, debuting the Buffaleg this month. Possessing the same tastiness as their wings, but in a convenient shape. We have one reaction: Boo-yah!

Hickory smoked for two hours, these babies are then fried to order and finished with your choice of sauces: sweet chili, spicy/Frank's Red Hot, spicy BBQ and classic BBQ. A juicy pair will run $6.99, trio for $7.99 and quartet for a buck more. All orders include cool ranch dressing and fries. A meat-n-potatoes deal for less than $10 is fine eats.

Be on the lookout for a future On the Line with their founder, Gene Hobel. Buffalegs are the start of special promotions to celebrate 20 years in business. Bonus: The first 500 orders of a 4 piece meal receive a free t-shirt. Fed and clothed? Sign us up!

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