See, Tila, I know how to credit other people's work...
See, Tila, I know how to credit other people's work...

Tila Tequila, Queen of Copy-and-Paste

I've started a lot of conversations in my lifetime, and I've noticed that certain opening lines leave the other party dumbfounded, at a loss for how to continue.

"I think I'm pregnant."

"There's a finger in my taco."

"The toaster oven has an electric malfunction and Opus Dei is in the kitchen pressing on their cilices and worshiping the toast."

"I was plagiarized by Tila Tequila this week."

Yes, the queen of--what exactly is she the queen of?--the queen of something or other who appears to be famous because she's famous has a blog, and her staff copied and pasted my Cinco de Mayo post.


I'm flattered, honey, really I am, but you have got to give credit where it's due, and that means making sure your linkback works. (Hint: having two http headers means your link won't work.) Actually, the right way to link is with just a short quote and a working link to the rest of the article.

Our Web editor, the awesome Vickie Chang, sent a polite e-mail to Miss Nguyen, but there has, predictably, been no response. I Tweeted about it, but to no avail. We even asked the corporate overlords in Phoenix, who were undoubtedly overwhelmed with SB1070-related aftermath, and they agreed: this wasn't kosher.

I wouldn't be so annoyed if her staff had actually done the credit right, so that when you click on the link it actually took you to my post. I wouldn't be so annoyed if her staff had taken the time to acknowledge the omission either in a correction, in a blurb, or even in a damn Twitter post back to me.

Clearly, however, they don't give a shit. Our readers, however, do, and you all get big karma points for the comments on her blog (undoubtedly unread), for letting us know via comments, e-mails and tweets, and for generally sticking up for my work.

Tila, it isn't too late: come clean, say sorry, buy me a drink (gin, beer, whatever).


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