Three OC Nightclubs (And Two Long Beach Ones) Make it On Nightclub & Bar's List of Top 100 Clubs in America!

Just one of Sutra's many honeys...
Just one of Sutra's many honeys...
Photo by Matt Oliver

I am a huge fan of the trade magazine, the obscure journal written for a niche audience that rarely makes it into the mainstream, and am always looking for new ones. And I just found one: Nightclub & Bar, which advertises itself as "the go-to resource for the on-premise professional" in the nightclub industry and has been at it for 27 years.

Recently, they came out with a list of the top 100 nightclubs in America, the criteria which they said "is the only revenue-based ranking of nightlife venues" in the industry. Understandably, most of those listed are in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, although OC had a couple--and even Long Beach.

Highest in our local list was a surprise for me: Sevilla Nightclub, at #28. Nothing against the place mind you--my pals have picked up many a hot chica there over the years, and their drinks and food are pretty bueno--but I'm pleasantly surprised they're raking in so much dough. The other Long Beach spot was Panama Joe's Cantina (#83), which I must admit I've never gone to but am now curious about.

The OC contingent includes Sutra (#53), Heat Ultra Lounge (#63) and Ten in Newport Beach, which ranked #97. We congratulate our hometown heroes and urge them to continue to pack in the honeys and sling back the cocktails. As for their competitors: step it up! We need more OC/LBC representation! Don't let those LA pendejos beat you!

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