This Week in Food: Wolverine, Dumb Health Inspectors, and Smokers!

You know what Friday is: summation time! Highlights after the jump! In the dead-tree edition, Edwin saw that Starfish in Laguna Beach was Asian, but it had no persuasion, while I think we should all mandoo tonight at Home Style Dumpling in Tustin.

'Round here, Dave laughed at FDA warnings that cut tomatoes might be hazardous, rolled his eyes at OC health officials who made Little Saigon shops pull their Vietnamese yoghurt from shelves, and gave you five ways to tell him from that other foodie Dave Lieberman.

Shuji taught us how to season cast-iron and steel pans, how to build a smoker from a 55-gallon drum, and salivated over in-season mangoes.

I found a study that shows eating fatty foods unleashes natural marijuana-like chemicals in your body (DUH...), plugged some awesome panels I'll be involved in for next weekend's Eat Real Festival (fuck Carmaggedon!), and found out that Little Gaza's celebrated Olive Tree restaurant is opening a second spot.

Edwin manned the ship this week in our journey through our 100 favorite dishes this year, found a HILARIOUS parking situation at the Camp in Costa Mesa, and wondered what part of Wolverine would come out in Hugh Jackman's new PBS series on Korean food.

Finally, Anne Marie went On the Line with Christian Murcia of Crepes Bonaparte and Brats Berlin, while Michelle wants to go on a field trip to Sriracha's new factory.

Happy eating!

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