That tangine though
That tangine though
Photo by William Vo

This Week In Food: Tequila-flavored Vodka, Delightful Everything, and People Who Need to Stop Eating Out

Hello wonderful readers!

LP's gone for a bit, so you'll be dealing with me again. Now let's take a look at the week that was in food.

This week's lead restaurant review takes Edwin down to deep South County to dine at Village Mediterranean Rim, one of the few restaurants in Orange County that serves food the tangine way but offers much, much more.

Meanwhile, Gustavo spent the week at Stewart's Busy Apron, a quickly fading but charming vestige of old town Anaheim. While he wasn't there, he found time to explain why so many Americans love Mexican food, but not the Mexicans. And, of course, there was our Taco Bell Crime of the Week: Some old Minnesotans being annoyed by Taco Bell's waffle tacos. It's also his week on Eat This Now, where he spotlit the Chorizo Burger at Civic (it might have the most beautiful egg yolk I've ever seen).

Why Americans Love Mexican Food But Hate Mexicans --¡Ask a Mexican! from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Anne Marie was a busy bee this week. She announced the opening of LCA Wine at the South Coast Collection, the Tustin Chilli Cook-Off that's happening this Sunday (remember, candle wax), the opening of Mendocino Farms Costa Mesa, and interviewed the amazing Frank DeLoach for our On The Line feature.

This week, Dave kept up the list- and rant-based writing you all know and love, starting with his great take down of what is basically Tequila-flavored vodka. He followed that up with a list of five things that Downtown Santa Ana is missing (seriously though, I could go for a slice). To top it all off, Dave finished with a rant and list combination, five more diners that should be banned from restaurants. Just magical. Oh right, and there was his drink of the week, the innocuous looking dry-hopped cider at Phantom Ales (beware though).

And for all of you in the LBC who are still looking for a lunch spot, the wonderful Sarah Bennett visited Delightful Crepes Cafe. It was delightfully precious.

And that was last week in food. Tune in next week, when I'll be making a come back (don't call it that, though).

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