This Week in Food: Sriracha (Again), Luxe Lonchera Disasters, and High-End Churros

So much this week, and so much more to come after the jump!


wondered about breakfast pizzas

invading menus nationwide, announced participants for

some Restaurant Week

or other, and found out about a

proposed $10 million dinner theater in Anaheim

. Don't the developers behind that project remember the disaster that was the original incarnation of the Grove at Anaheim?

Dave got us ready for Tet with news of a banh chung demonstration at Xanh Bistro, issued five rules for food-truck-event planners, and fooled people for a long time with Mi Lindo Michoacan 2.

I taught people how to make a proper Mexican quesadilla, pitted local high-end churros against each other, and reported on the Boomers! luxe lonchera fiasco.

Shuji gave everyone the head's up about our sister paper LA Weekly's annual Gold Standard, and got Drunk after Work at Out of the Park Pizza. And Vickie (with the help of former Weekling Nadia Afghani) gave us a cool infographic regarding everyone's favorite rooster sauce: Sriracha!

Happy eating!


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