This Week in Food: Smoked Turkey Legs, Cinco de Drinko, and Presidentes!

This was Cinco de Mayo week, so we understandably went more Mexican than usual. But after the jump are non-Mexi delights and more!

Edwin reviewed the blarney boobage over at the

Tilted Kilt in Long Beach

, while

I finally gave Dos Chinos some print love


Edwin compared beef koobidehs at Hen House Grill and Wholesome Choice, revealed the Disneyland Hotel is opening a tiki restaurant, and wrote that the old Ripley's Believe it or Not! space is getting an Indian restaurant.

Michelle let us know that Ben & Jerry's is bringing its free-ice-cream truck to these parts, broke the news of that sad pink donkey used to promote a despicable "Mexican" restaurant, and found American Airlines is now sponsoring fortunes in Chinese fortune cookies. Is no foodstuff sacred anymore (the answer in Orange County, where only the Irvine Co. and Disney is untouchable, is no)?

Anne Marie got drunk after work at Buffalo Wild Wings, went on the line with Manuel Gonzalez of TAPS Fish House in Brea, and announced the return of Starbucks' Frappuccino happy hour.

I realized Jamie Oliver is coming to SanTana soon, recalled six presidential encounters with food, and reminded everyone we're sponsoring a lonchera clustertruck at the Fullerton Public Library THIS WEDNESDAY--GO GO GO!

Dave found five deep-fried desserts worth the calories, found that Pee-Wee's in Huntington Beach does a good bánh mì burger, and found five Mexican boozes not named Cuervo or Corona.

Finally, Javier gave us five great fast-food desserts, and Shuji taught us how to smoke turkey legs.

Happy eating!


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