This one's for you, Keith Plocek
This one's for you, Keith Plocek
Eleonor Segura

This Week In Food: Seasonal Foods Forever, Keeping Up With Styrofoam, and Nice Chik-fil-A People?

Hello peoples. To save you from putting in too much effort, read this nicely condensed version of our blog that comes out every Friday. Hooray!

This week, Edwin went to Kolache Factory, the Czech-Mex spot in Tustin. Then he gave us a list of the best all-you-can-eat restaurants in the county. And we know you like lists - that's what the Internets says.

Tustin actually got a lot of love this week, as Gustavo went to Long Hai Restaurant for his Hole in the Wall review. He also told us about the Redditor who fessed up to making "bomb" at a Taco Bell, and he blogged about the Lakers player who won the 5 lb. burrito challenge at El Tepeyac.

Charles gave us a list (yeah, another list!) of the six seasonal foods that he believes should not be seasonal - and the list shouldn't piss you off as much as his overrated foods one did. Silly Charles. He also told us to go all out with the packing peanuts, because HB's ban on Styrofoam isn't happening just yet.

Anne Marie interviewed Gary Mead of Mead's Green Door Cafe in Orange. Then she announced the opening of a few new spots: Gelato Paradiso in Fashion Island (reopening rather), Michelle Haut Chocolate at the OC Mix, and a SUPER SIZED See's Candy store at the Tustin Marketplace.

Sarah went to El Pollo Imperial for her Long Beach Lunch. Ryan Ritchie urged us to try the vegan pumpkin donuts at the Donuttery. Shuji told us that the French bakery, Au Coeur, will be opening a second location in Garden Grove. Cleo Tobbi shared where to go for Mexican fusion done right, and Ryan Cady talked to the first 100 people that camped out at the opening of Seal Beach's new Chik-fil-A. We still hate em, but these folks were nice, apparently.

Until next week, have a good one, you little rascals.

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