This Week In Food: Schweddy Balls, Loving TK Burger and Charlie Palmer's New Man in OC!

Another wonderful week in OC food land--hey, who wants TK Burger? We do! More after the jump!

Dave shed some light on some food-related conflicts; the raw milk war and using a toucan as a logo

Anne Marie went on the line with chef Sea Kyeong Kim of Charlie Palmer of Bloomingdales. Read parts one, two and three here. 

Ben and Jerry's newest ice cream, Schweddy Balls, was named after a 13-year-old Saturday Night Live sketch as Edwin reports. In other news, Google buys Zagat, there was a Whole Foods prank in Silverlake, KFC held a "Best Chicken Cook" competition in Santa Ana, a recap of the latest Great Food Truck Race episode, and a study shows that if you use your opposite hand you'll eat less

Gustavo reported sad news: pubs on wheels are now being banned from Germany. That's okay, roll on over stateside! Also: border patrol arrests a man trying to smuggle marijuana in containers of hot sauce across U.S.-Mexico border; Chapter One: The Modern Local owner rails against Downtown Santa Ana's quinceañera shops; TK Burger cheeseburgers are awesome; neo-Nazi colony in Germany has a barbecue that says "Happy Holocaust."

Happy eating!

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