Dustin Ames

This Week In Food: Puppet Sex on Coke, Pastry Pillows, and Steamers Bartenders

Greetings ladies and germs, I hope your week has just been splendid. Allow me to give you another weekly food digest...

First, Edwin visited Ritter's Steam Kettle Cooking in Santa Ana for his print review, then he announced that Mr. B's Sports Grille in Los Alamitos is in the running for North America's Smartest Bar. What constitutes making a bar smart, I couldn't really tell you. But he also pointed out that Coca Cola's new commercial seems to include puppets having sex. Yeah! Nothing like an ice-cold Coke to get you all hot and bothered.

Gustavo went to Yogis Teriyaki House in Tustin for his Hole in the Wall review, then he told us to try some of his favorite dishes in Orange County - tiropites from Kentro Greek Kitchen, the pasta salad from Crave, and the chicken plate at Surfin' Chicken.

Michelle announced Slater's 50/50 new burger: the waffle sandwich with a patty made from half chorizo and half bacon. Then she showed us some really silly pillows and cushions made to look like different kinds of pastries, and last she shared five upcoming beer events that you should go to.

Anne Marie spoke with the lovely bartending duo at Steamers Jazz Club, Sean Schickling and Lucie Wood, for her On The Line column. Then she named the Studio Garden from Studio the Drink of the Week, and told us to try one of her favorite dishes in the county - the lamb burger at Haven Gastropub.

Niyaz Pirani gave us a little review of the (very) newly opened Bling Pig in RSM. Sarah went to Edna's Filipino Cuisine for her Long Beach Lunch, and Aimee, our Clubs Editor announced that David Lynch now his has own gourmet coffee line at Whole Foods. I'd make some joke about this, but I'd probably just be awkward and make an ass out of myself. Oh, well.

Until next week, have a good one, from all of us at Stick A Fork In It!

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