This Week in Food: Pexican Cuisine, Urban Homesteading, and iPhone Calories!

Another fantabulous week at Stick a Fork in It, with stories suited for the Diggers, Forkers, and Know Nothings among you! Highlights after the jump!

Anne Marie

hung with Maw'N'Paw Kettlekorn

, found a

delicious quick-order pita in Fullerton

, and gave

Parties by Panache another day in our OC sun

after their game effort in Cupcake Wars.

I wrote on a crazy lawsuit filed against Landmark Steakhouse, cried about the closing of Wadiya (Southern California's only remaining Sri Lankan restaurant), reported on the latest in the "urban homestead" copyright scandal, and went on a weird (even by my low standards) mixing-and-matching of Persian and Mexican food.

Dave gave us five beer cocktails for New Beer's Day, had a missed connection at Carl's Jr., while Edwin found a bottle-your-own-olive-oil store in Irvine, and went On the Line with the Sushilicious guys.

Finally, Michelle found an iPhone app that counts the calories in food photos, gave us OC's mead maiden, and followed the new Extreme Couponing show.

Happy eating!


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