Can't you feel that southern hospitality?
Can't you feel that southern hospitality?
Photo by Dustin Ames

This Week in Food: Oysters, More Ice Cream Donuts, and.. Chicken Tenders

Hellloooo wonderful readers!

I hope you had a good week. I had a pretty good week, and it's only going to keep going as I spend the weekend working from this little booth at MLG Anaheim. Food had a pretty good week too, let's check out what happened.

This week, Mr. Edwin Goei headed to Bosscat Kitchen and Libations. Trust him, it's more than just a Southern-food gastropub. He also made a few pretty cool announcements. First off, Irvine is getting a Filipino supermarket (Woo!). Also opening is another Ritter's Steam Kettle Kitchen. During his free time, Edwin popped into J. Zhou Oriental Cuisine really quickly for a taste test (It's not bad.). Then there was the biggest announcement of the week, Afters Ice Cream has some competition in the form of Frozen Bar's Fronut.. a donut stuffed with gelato. To top it all off, Edwin told us about Supatra That's 10-year celebration his weekend.

Gustavo hit up the annual Little Saigon Night Market and Asian Garden Mall for Hole in the Wall. It's going on for most of the summer, so check it out.

This week's On the Line had Anne Marie speaking with Toby Keil from AoSA Coffee, a hip little place in Huntington Beach. She also had the biggest opening announcement of the week: Break of Dawn is reopen everybody! Not that the opening of Snow Monster in Huntington isn't a big deal too.

Dave picked up both Eat This Now and Drink of the Week this week. For Eat this Now, he stopped off at the best pho place you'll ever find in a giant mall, Saigon de Pho. For Drink, he made his way to Ways and Means for their great Fizz Fridays.

No rants this week, but I did tell you guys about BJ's Free Pizookie Day.. which has passed (400 of you read the post the day after it happened, and for that I feel sorry). I also showed off a videos, the first being a chronicle of what happens then you drink 25-year-old beer. The second video is in memory of the Pete Holmes Show, an interview of him immediately after eating a Habanero pepper. And then there's the final video: a Brazilian reporter's complete failure at pranking Mexican soccer friends. Oh, right, there was also this thing: Knott's Berry Farm is doing this thing where you pay $30 to have the option to eat a meal every hour and a half this summer. I might try it out.

For Long Beach Lunch, Sarah Bennett had Colombian at Bambuco Colombian Grill, and I learned how to spell the word "Colombian" correctly. She also made a second appearance with her preview of a new brewery-to-be by a member of Reel Big Fish. Here's hoping I can get her to write more.

Kiera Wright-Ruiz made an appearance with a recipe for chip-crusted chicken tenders.

And that was this week in food. On to the next!

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