From Leadbelly Barbecue in Fullerton!
From Leadbelly Barbecue in Fullerton!
Eleonor Segura

This Week in Food: Our Favorite Booze, Our Favorite Food, And Boozin' Thanks to the Mothership

Helllllloooo, nurse readers! Charles back again with some more sassafras now that LP is on part duex of her weird vacation. How was your week in food? If it was anything like mine, it was full of booze, booze, and more booze! Let's take a look.

We're wrapping the year with our traditional best booze and best restaurants lists that you all seem to love so much.

You can check out all of them here..

I had feelings in both my list of favorite drinks and favorite restaurants.

Everyone else was normal though. You can check out Edwin's favorite drinks (they're kind of wacky) and favorite restaurants, Dave's favorite drinks and favorite restaurants, the wonderful Sarah Bennett's favorite restaurants, Shuji's favorite drinks and favorite restaurants, and finally Anne Marie's favorite restaurants and favorite drinks.

Apart from list time, our normal columns were rolling this week. On On The Line, we interviewed the two guys behind Pie-Not, Jai Snowdon and Ryan Lopiccolo. On Long Beach Lunch, we reviewed the not-actually-that-American Pho America. Gustavo boozed it up with some Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey straight from the Voice Media Group Mothership. And Dave did brunch at the Phoenix Club.

Gustavo also wrote about Mexican Christmas and some dumb pot heads who get all of their weed seized at a Taco Bell.

Finally, Edwin went over his 10 Essential Santa Ana Restaurants, and that was basically the week!

Here's lookin' to LP coming back, boozin' it up for the New Year, and a great New Year's Eve!

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