That'll do, Pig.
That'll do, Pig.
Eleonor Segura

This Week In Food: NY's Under Appreciated Mexican Food, Cheese with Maggots, and Look Ma! No Pants!

Howdy ladies and germs; welcome to October! Let's take a look at this week in food...

Edwin visited the intriguing Blind Pig in RSM and said it's definitely worth the trek out there. Then he announced that Bruxie may be opening even more locations and that the Starbucks shops in the UK have begun making a "duffin." Last, he told us that the grilled cheese restaurant, The Melt, will be opening at the Irvine Spectrum next week.

Gustavo went to The Cheese Shop at the OC Mix Mart for his Hole in the Wall Review. He described Slater's 50/50 newest burger - the bulgogi. He defended New York's thought-to-be-terrible Mexican food, and he tasted Pulque in a can (which you'll discover is a pretty awful experience).

We also welcomed our newest staff writer onto the team this week. Charles Lam, a former intern, came alllll the way from Seattle to work with us! He started off by getting right down to business and telling us how to shop for groceries without pants on, then he shared five ways to drink coffee when it's too hot outside to actually drink coffee, and he took a trip back to his alma mater, UCI, and learned that an Anthill Pub tradition went kaput.

Anne Marie interviewed Brandon Stein of The Cellar for her On The Line column. She named the five best bites at the Golden Foodie awards, and she told us about the frittata at Crave, a favorite dish of hers.

Dave described the charcuterie at Little Sparrow and named five disgusting foods that could be used for puberty rites (or for Hell Week, but Jesus H. Christ, don't get any ideas, especially with number one).

Sarah went to Casa Sanchez #4 for her Long Beach Lunch, and Shuji raved about his love of the ají verde at Inka Mama's.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick A Fork In It!

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