This Week In Food: New Forker, Taco Bell Fake-Beef Allegations and Hungry Monkeys Go Wild!

The big story in the OC food world was the $5 million class-action lawsuit against Taco Bell alleging the chain sells fake beef, but other, better things happened this week. After the jump!


put up two gabacho flour-tortilla brands

against each other,

confessed his love

for Chronic Tacos' potato tacos, and offered replacements for

five superfluous kitchen tools


Edwin had news on the disappearing Shore House Cafes; a closed Dippin' Dots in Huntington Beach (where you can still find a vendor of the weird sweet at the Golden West Swap Meet); and developments on the newest Beachwood BBQ, this one in Seal Beach.

I revisited Stanton's Fonda la Meche for Good Food, created a new category for all the celebrities who confess their love for In-N-Out and posted a hilarious video of hungry monkeys. Monkeys!

Shuji penned an elegy for the late, great Captain Cream's strip club (yes, there's food involved in his reasoning) and offered a pruno recipe for our disgraced, felonious, adulterous ex-Sheriff, Mike Carona.

And we welcomed our newest blogger, Anne Marie Panoringan, better known to her legions as Brekkie Fan; she summarily paid us back with news that Girl Scouts cookies are also suffering during this Great Recession. The horror, the horror . . .

Happy eating!


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