This Week in Food: New Beer From The Bruery, Del Taco is Shady and Pee Water
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This Week in Food: New Beer From The Bruery, Del Taco is Shady and Pee Water

Ok, so this week in food was a relatively disturbing one. We got a taste of fried bologna with man boobies, pee water and Islamaphobia. Del Taco crossed into Taco Bell territory and had it's own crime of the week in Costa Mesa.

But for however unappetizing some of our news stories were, we had an equal amount of appetizing food and drink reviews from AnQi, Morsels Bakery Truck and of course, Bruxie!

Check out our weekly round up that ranges from disgusting to delicious after the jump!

Matt, our wunder-blogger over at our news blog, dropped by to educate us on why you

should not go to Del Taco at 1 a.m.

Not to be outdone, Gustavo reported on the Taco Bell Crime of the week. Inebriation! Racism! Violence! Gustavo is out on the road this week and he sent back news that hatch chiles are in short supply due to a drought in New Mexico, consequently driving the price up.

Shuji pointed out why the Carls Jr/Hardee's has the weirdest marketing campaigns of all the fast food chains. Warning: creepy naked man eating bologna ahead.

Michelle delivered some good news: The Bruery will release their Black Tuesday imperial stout in October. We celebrated Lucille Ball's 100th birthday with eight hillarious I Love Lucy food moments.
     She also had some bad news: Dominos is bringing back the Noid, their creepy red mascot-thing from the '80s. Costa Mesa-based Galeo's Salad Dressing is not quite as healthy as they claimed and are offering refunds. Texas is resorting to recycling wastewater for drinking water in the midst of a drought. Islamaphobia reared its ugly head in a Whole Foods marketing campaign?

Edwin had a scandalous week reporting that Ajisen Ramen lied about their broth preparation and children's sack lunches are not stored at the correct temperature. The horror! Also, the crazy French are at it again. They're converting duck fat into biodiesel.

Anne Marie went On The Line with Andrew Greul of Slapfish. Read parts one and two, and enjoy his recipe for Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese with "Everything Sauce."
She delighted us with the news that Pizzeria Mozza's Newport location might open next week!

Dave wrote of the finer things in life such as Mexican chocolate, Cream Puffs from Morsels Bakery Truck and how to make dive bar favorite Murky Jerky

Happy Eating!

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