This Week in Food: Mother-Daughter Kimchi, Chewbacca Soba, and

So many great posts, so little time to read--so get the highlights after the jump!

In our dead-tree edition, Edwin thought

St. Roy Chef's Pub in San Clemente

is the cure for the common gastropub, while I reported on the

Jang Mo Gip (the original one, not any of the imposters) mother/daughter duo

that's taken the world of kimchi by storm.

I wrote about Orange County's first famous luxe lonchera (the Burrito Van of Taos), introduced our 100 Favorite Dishes list for 2011 with Vietnam's Pearl's lemongrass chicken (extra spicy), and got excited that Danny Trejo is opening a Mexican restaurant in Huntington Beach. Maybe he can serve tacos by day, kick skinhead ass at night?

Dave reported on the opening of Portola Coffee Lab, gave us five cheese to try on burgers, and did a great recipe for old-fashioned pound cake.

Edwin shared the great Mitsuwa Market food fair that's going on this weekend, interviewed one of the dads of the Lime Truck guys (good luck on The Great Food Truck Race!), and continued his reputation as the country's best reporter on the nirvana that is Jollibee's.

Finally, Michelle spoke of another Greek food festival and found a Chewbacca soba plate, Shuji gave us the five tastiest non-farm animals to throw on the grill this Memorial Day weekend and the best barbecue tools to give Dad, and Anne Marie had pastrami pizza in Yorba Linda and tried the Red Pot shabu shabu restaurant.

Happy eating!


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