Eat less chicken!
Eat less chicken!
Dustin Ames

This Week In Food: More Sriracha, Less Pigs, and Advice from a Poorman

Oh, ladies and germs, it's time again for our weekly roundup. Some things have changed since last week, one of them being that it is now November, but wait there's more!

Edwin went to All That Barbecue in Irvine for his print food review, then he named 10 of the best desserts you'll find in the county. And he also gave us the restaurant roll-call for October that showed 15 openings last month.

Gustavo ate at the time-tested and comforting, Orange Cafe, for his Hole in the Wall review, then he shared some bad news. Recently, two legendary spots in Santa Ana, Grande Bakery and El Pollo Norteno, had to be closed via eminent domain. And then he had to witness Cost Plus' Dia de los Muertos beer.

Charles told us that Scotland now holds the gold for the strongest made beer in the world with Brewmeister's Snake Venom Ale. Then he named the Better Sazerac at Memphis at the Santora the Drink of the Week, and he eased all of our fears about loosing Sriracha over last week's lawsuit.

Anne Marie spoke with Kyle Owens from Allspice Eats - a mobile meal plan with incredibly fresh ingredients. She also told us that Vine in San Clemente has changed ownership, but brought back an old chef. Dave told us to try out some actually decent gluten-free goodies from Lisa & Mo. Sarah went to the Long Beach Fish Grill for her Long Beach Lunch. Ali interviewed a man well-deserving of our love, Robert Irvine (he can whip a kitchen into shape without busting a nut, cough, Gordon Ramsey, cough). Matt brought us up to speed on the pig ban in Seal Beach - what, what?!

And last, we brought in some new writers. Kristine Hoang told us the best places to go eat after a late-night show. And Jim "The Poorman" Trenton brought us the first edition of his new column, The Poorman's OC.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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