Rally 'round our Lime Truck boyos!
Rally 'round our Lime Truck boyos!

This Week in Food: Lime Truck Good and Bad, Racist Register Readers, and Fake Poop Meat!

Another great week in Forker land--highlights after the jump! Dave Lieberman offered five ways people fail at cookbook writing, broke the news that Jason Quinn of the Lime Truck is opening a burger joint in downtown SanTana, and whipped up a Catalan dessert.

Gustavo Arellano wrote about my friendly encounter with C.J. Jacobson from Top Chef, found out that Gordon Ramsay tried planking in Newport Beach, and wrote about how Buffalo Wild Wings is resorting to public shaming in hopes that the NFL's upcoming season isn't scrapped because of a strike.

Anne Marie Panoringan went On the Line with James D'Aquila of the Wild Artichoke this week, put Dutch Babies in the Dueling Dishes arena (more more enjoyable than it sounds), and found that the Japanese restaurant Gohan is opening in Tustin soon. Which begs the question: where's Goku and Goten?

Edwin Goei tackled (but didn't touch!) that poop-turning-into-meat story, broke that some stupid Miami company is suing the Lime Truck over alleged copyright infringement, and found a new restaurant opening in Brea.

Finally, Shuji Sakai manned our trip through this year's rendition of our 100 favorite dishes in OC, while Michelle Woo wrote about a restaurant that is capitalizing on that infamous UCLA student ant-Asian rant.

Happy eating!


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