Embarcadero in RSM
Embarcadero in RSM
Liz Monroy

This Week In Food: Korean Dessert Gorditas, Food for the Apocalypse, and Politically Correct Easy Bake Ovens

If I believed in the Mayan Apocalypse, I would tell you to eat your way through next week. But I don't, so simply enjoy this week's highlights and try something new - just because!

Edwin ventured into the middle of nowhere (also known as Rancho Santa Margarita) to try a Bay Area inspired restaurant called Embarcadero. While it didn't quite compete with San Francisco's culinary perfection, it offered up a few interesting and tasty dishes. He then shared the closing of Pascal Olhat's Pascal at Hutton Centre, but not to worry, Pascal will still be around, being French and charming as ever. With one restaurant ending, another begins in Irvine, with the opening of All That Barbecue, a Korean BBQ joint. Last, Edwin introduced us to a political food story where a teen petitioned Hasbro to make gender-neutral Easy Bake Ovens (didn't even know we still had those!) Happily, the teen is gaining support from male chefs.

Gustavo's Hole in the Wall was on wheels this week at the Koo's Catering Truck in a Garden Grove parking lot. The truck serves up piping hot, Korean Hotteok that's to die for. Gustavo likens it to a sweet Gordita, and has been known to have four in one sitting. Then he was surprised when his old radio food review of the Taco María truck popped up on KCRW's Good Food with Evan Kleiman. Another truck was highlighted as Gustavo raved about the grand opening of Alebrije's with an even brighter pink paint job. It was all washed down with Caliche Rum as the sweet and spicy Drink of the Week.

Dave showed us delicious, deep-fried cauliflower at Zena's Lebanese Cuisine in Orange. Then gave us an extra scoop of his humor with his seventh installment of Yelp reviews and five Mayan dishes to try before Dec. 21!

Bill took us to the charming Santa Rosalia in Tijuana Sí! Sarah had her Long Beach Lunch at the beloved Pike's Restaurant and Bar. Dave Mau warmed our bellies with his Grandma's casserole and some family history, and I showed you a rather wacky window display in Fullerton that involved buying out Smart and Final's marshmallow stock.

Happy Noming!

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