This Week In Food: KFC Eleven, Frozen S'mores, and Ice Cream Fatties
Amanda DeFrancis

This Week In Food: KFC Eleven, Frozen S'mores, and Ice Cream Fatties

Happy weekend, folks! Let's take a look at what happened with food this week...

Edwin went to Cortina's in Orange and experienced their magnificent sandwiches. Then he told us about XA Sweet and Savory's new menu, and announced that KFC will be trying out a fast-casual restaurant called KFC Eleven...weird.

Gustavo visited Antojitos Don Juan in Santa Ana and announced that Michelle won another award for her profile on Playground's Jason Quinn.

Speaking of Michelle, she announced that Early Bird Cafe will be opening a second location in Yorba Linda. That makes two good restaurants in Yorba Linda! Woo! Working our way up. Then she told us that Long Beach is the number one consumer of ice cream in the nation - wha what?! And last, she showed us an amazing culinary creation - frozen s'mores! Nom nom nom.

Anne Marie interviewed Kerri Cacciata Minton from The Yost for her On The Line article and she announced that Greenleaf Gourmet Chop Shop will be opening up at the OC Mix next week. Dave gave us five reasons to avoid tasting menus in Orange County, and then named two of his all time favorite dishes in the county - tacos dorados at Tortas Ahogadas los Primos and the chingaderas at Smoqued BBQ.

Bill wrote about the new food garden in Tijuana that is bringing street food all-stars together. Sarah went to Poly Burgers for her Long Beach Lunch. I gave you a recipe for authentic tostadas for this month's Make It Mexican. Our web editor, Taylor, introduced our new Best Of app and wrote on the Rare Allagash tap takeover at SideDoor. And last, our staff writer, Matt Coker named the Kimosabe at Laguna Niguel's fancy movie theatre, Cinepolis, the Drink of the Week.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick A Fork In It!

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