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Jen Fedrizzi

This Week In Food: Ice Cream Burritos, Lay's Novelty Chips, and the Japanese Restaurant's Japanese Restaurant

Aw, the summer is coming to a close. Personally, I can't wait for some rain and cold weather food - of course, that'll never happen! Carry on as usual!

This week, Edwin visited Jinbei in Irvine and described it as the Japanese restaurant's Japanese restaurant. Sounds like we should definitely go. Then he named the fried chicken from Disneyland's Plaza Inn one of his favorite dishes along with the cookie monster ice cream from B. Candy.

Charles told us about Zero Degrees Italian Ice Cream selling ice cream burritos; the donuts I could get behind, but that is just too strange. Next he informed us of the correct way to eat sushi, which is damn hard if you go to those places with rolls as wide as your mouth. He also showed us a video of what poaching an egg actually looks like.

Gustavo ate at his old favorite, the Red Hill Cafe in Santa Ana, for his Hole in the Wall column. And he announced that Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles finally opened. Dave named five terms that Angelenos need to know to order from Dunkin Donuts. Then he said that Costa Mesa will join the craft brewing scene with Barley Forge Brewery.

Anne Marie interviewed Rosa Heidler of Fusion Bites for her On The Line column. Sarah went to the Downtown Farmers Market for her Long Beach Lunch. Ryan gave us another hilarious blog where he ate something bad so we don't have to - this time it was the newest line of Lay's novelty chips. Last, I reminded everyone that Decadence is coming up and offered a $5 discount code.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It.

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