Into The Woods
Into The Woods
Dustin Ames

This Week In Food: GISHWHES, Muffin Tops, and Ch-Ch-Ch Changes at The Crosby

Hi guys, we're looking a little slim this week, but that's okay. Let's see what happened with food...

Edwin reviewed a new bar, The Woods in Fullerton, then he made fun of Creamisty for putting out coupons that expired before they were even open! And he told us that Strickland's ice cream is inventing a new flavor just for the GISHWHES (what the hell is that? you'll have to click on the link).

Gustavo went to Bangkok Spice in Anaheim for his Hole in the Wall review, and also told us to try one of his favorite dishes in the county - the umeboshi ochazuke at Kappo Suzumaru in Tustin. Then he named Buffalo Trace's Bourbon Cream the Drink of the Week.

Michelle brought us some weird food news. For instance, there are now these things called cocktail rings...because holding a glass is just, I dunno, too normal? Then she told us that a Taco Bell in Orange County is testing out Chicken and Waffles, because it totally makes sense for a sub-par Mexican fast-food restaurant to serve chicken and waffles. It's in a taco I guess that counts? And last she showed us one of the cutest things in the world - muffin top baking cups, where the cups themselves are actually little pants. Another reason why Fred is the best kitchen supply company ever.

Anne Marie interviewed the infamous Greg Daniels of Haven Gastropub, Taco Asylum, and Provisions Market for her On The Line column. Everything this guy touches turns to gold, so you should probably read it. Then she shared an artist's rendering of what they suspect Din Tai Fung's new restaurant will look like, and last, she told us that Chapter One will be holding a benefit for Cambodian charities this weekend.

Sarah ate at Mustard's for her Long Beach Lunch, and Dave celebrated the excitement and bittersweet nostalgia that is coming with changes at The Crosby in Santa Ana.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick A Fork In It!

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