Lark Creek
Lark Creek
Christina Bryson

This Week In Food: Fried Soup, Catching the Whiskey Bandit, and Saying Bye to Rubalcava's

Well hello little darlings, let's take a look at this week in food.

Edwin visited Lark Creek at Fashion Island for his print review and praised their ability to make truly delicious white people food. Then he told us that McDonald's is ditching its "Extra Value Menu" for a $5 one...strange to think what kind of marketing/cultural engineering idea brought this one on. Next, he wrote that KFC in Japan will begin offering deep fried soup (and you thought the hot coffee lawsuit was bad), and last he let us know that MOOYA, a burger chain from Texas, is trying to make its way over to Southern California.

Gustavo went to Cuzcatlan in Anaheim for his Hole in the Wall review and named Jenni Rivera's La Gran Señora Tequila the Drink of the Week. Then things got interesting as he posted about some personal OC Weekly drama. Several weeks ago the office noticed that their personal bottles of whiskey were loosing substance, and fast. So, we put up a nanny cam to catch The Whiskey Bandit. Last, he announced the bittersweet news that Rubalcava's in Placentia is closed down and sold to new owners. We'll miss you, Rubalcavas!

Anne Marie spoke with Robert Schueller of Melissa's Produce for her On The Line column, and then she told us about two of her favorite dishes in the county: the watermelon salad at XA Sweet and Savory Cafe and the beer brat at LinX. Last but not least, Sarah went to Shillelagh for her Long Beach Lunch.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick A Fork In It!

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