This Week in Food: Disappearing Ronald McDonalds, Dekopon, and Lonely Pink Donuts!

Another great week on the blog, another stomach lining dissolved. Week's highlights after the jump!
I wrote a handy list of Spanish words restaurant owners and customers should know to better communicate with Latino workers, marveled at how McDonald's is slowly phasing out Ronald, and went on and on about our first-ever Stick a Fork in It event (next Thursday! At the Crosby! Alongside Good Food!).

Anne Marie profiled Tanaka Farms in Irvine, found a special for Chipotle, and told us where to find Cafe du Monde beignet and coffee with chicory mix.

Edwin marveled at the solitude of pink donuts, got drunk after work at Casa Inka, and broke the news that the Filipino behind the Burnt Lumpia blog got a cookbook deal--hurray!

Shuji put two fish pho places to the duel, wrote about dekopon, and overloaded on pork ramen.

Finally, Dave...Dave's not here, man. And Javier chipped in with a post about Tillamook Cheese.

Happy eating!


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