Stick a Fork In It...har har har.
Stick a Fork In It...har har har.
Jossue Rivas

This Week In Food: Craft Beer Week, Bluth's Traveling Banana Stand, and MTV Being Dumb

Well howdy-do, and welcome to another week in food.

This time around, Edwin reviewed Black Trumpet Bistro in Huntington Beach, and then he gave us the restaurant roll call for April. He announced the opening of Tootsie - a cute ice cream shop in Santa Ana. And last, he told us that MTV will soon have its own food reality show. Stop MTV, just stop it. Food Network and the Cooking Channel have this covered, we don't need drunk bitches and cat fights in our food too.

Gustavo went to Chixy Natural in Costa Mesa for his Hole in the Wall review. Then he named the Navy Grog at Trader Sam's Enchanted Tiki Bar in the Disneyland Hotel as the Drink of the Week. He told us to try the savory bread pudding at Britta's Cafe in Irvine, and then shared what happens when someone mistakes a taco bell wrapper for a bomb.

Michelle announced where to go for Craft Beer Week. Then she presented us with the prospect of a ramen burger. Gross? And last she shared George Takei's take on buying whole, frozen rabbits on Amazon.

Anne Marie reviewed the graceful brunch at SideDoor in Corona del Mar. Then she told us about Valenza Chocolatier in Costa Mesa. I think being a chocolatier must always make you the coolest person at a party. Last, she visited Playground 2.0 for their Filipino dinner.

Sarah went to On Broadway for her Long Beach Lunch, Dave informed us that Harry's Deli will be closed until further notice due to fire damage, and Bill went to the 14th Annual Festival of Shellfish and New Wines in Baja for our Tijuana Sí! column. Dave Mau wrote about his passion for Clearman's garlic spread, and we were joined by Matt Coker who wrote that Bluth's Banana Stand will soon hit the road to promote Arrested Development's new season.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It.

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