This Week in Food: Crab Vending Machine, OC Food Contests, and Battle Deep-Dish Pizza!

Another amazing week on this infernal, yummy blog. After the jump: the best of the best!

Actually, most of our correspondents this week are traveling the world, yet took the time to post some


. Michelle told

ustedesabout some of Orange County's food-eating contests

(but didn't share the five-pound burrito at La Casa Garcias--for shame!) and

shuddered at the idea of bacon soda


Dave nerded out on deep-dish pizza, shared a recipe for salade lyonaise, and visited the new farmers' market at the not-yet-Great Park.

Shuji proved an even bigger nerd by recommending what to eat on Nigel Tufnel Day, told us of five great regional burgers McDonald's offers, and  found a great carniceria in Rancho Santa Margarita. Oh, and crab vending machines!

I interviewed Danny Godinez of the great Anepalco's Cafe in Orange for our On the Line feature, called the Habit burger chain mensches for helping out Cal State Fullerton students.

And Edwin broke muchos stories this week from abroad: Sabatino's in Newport is opening another branch, and legendary Cuban bakery Porto's has opened a spot in Downey, which isn't technically OC but who cares in the face of their empanadas de guava?

Happy eating!


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