This Week in Food: Copyright Fight over Tacos, Dia de los Muertos, Blizzcon Eats, and Killer Pizza Dough!

Such a busy week at this infernal, tasty blog, as usual. Click after the jump to read some of the highlights!

Dave wrote about

one Chronic Tacos suing another for copyright infringement


waxed poetic about grapes

at our farmers market,

taught us the best dim sum to use as weapons

, and

gave Blizzcon attendees some great food choices

around the Anaheim Convention Center. Oh, and

what to eat on Día de los Muertos


Edwin reported on a study that too much noise makes your food taste worse, found a new Taiwanese restaurant, interviewed the cook of Seasons 52 for our regular On the Line segment, and got drunk after work at Wildfish.

Shuji taught us the first step in making killer pizza dough and found a giant billboard made of cheese. Those silly Brits! 

I chimed in with where to find good South African food in Orange County (hint: Laguna Niguel--seriously), mentioned a legendary food blogger visiting--of all places--Pirate's Dinner Adventure in Buena Park, found dueling downtown SanTana $5 happy hour pizzas, and picked olives in Modjeska Canyon.

And Jessica says the Cellar in Fullerton is haunted. Or...(cue Oscar Bluth) is it?


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