This Week in Food: Cone-Ing, Breastaurants, and Tamal vs. Tamale!

Always awesome weeks here, so jump after the jump to learn what made us jump this week!

It was Dave's turn to man the ship during our summer-long trip

through our 100 favorite dishes this year

. He also taught us

how to make pasta

, and found perhaps the

most effective hot sauce EVER at Thai Nakorn


Shuji stumped everyone with our weekly contest, plugged a Tanaka Farms fundraiser for Japan tsunami victims, and marveled at the "Whole Foods Parking Lot" rap video currently making the rounds.

Michelle spoke of breastaurants, barristas, and brand-new Bruery beer.

Edwin reported on a new Hue-style restaurant, discovered a mega-nuts Persian market is opening in--where else?--Irvine, and discovered a woman called 911 after a Chinese restaurant messed up her order.

I continued my quest to find the county's best tortillas by trying the masa miracles at Tortillería Ruben's, found out pasta is the most popular dish in the world, and listed five Mexican food terms Americans have no excuse to mispronounce.

Finally--and definitely not leastly--Vickie came across a disturbingly dumb Internet trend called cone-ing, while Anne Marie sat down with Hop Phan of the Dos Chinos luxe lonchera.

Happy eating!

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