Bao down
Bao down
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This Week in Food: Communist Banh Mi, Historic Tacos, and What How You Pay Says About You

Hey Everyone! Clam here to give you your wrap-up of the week that was in food while LP moves into her new fancy apartment. This week was full of heavy hitters, so let's get at it.

For this week's food review, Edwin visited T.P. Bánh Bao #2, Orange County's new best bao shop. He also wrote about another Taiwanese restaurant coming to Irvine. Too bad he had to break bad news too; the House of Big Fish and Ice Cold Beer is closing next month. That's okay though, 'cause wrote about how McDonald's is giving away free coffee until the end of the month.

Gustavo wrote about a soon-to-open exhibit in the Museum of Ventura about the Chiptole's cup-essay fiasco. For Hole in the Wall, he wrote about some epic dishes from El Camarón Berracho. And to top the week off, he wrote about the 10 most important tacos in taco history.

I wrote about In-N-Out's Toronto pop-up, which sold out half an hour before it even opened. I also reminded all of you that Krispy Kreme will be giving away free donuts TODAY if you go in and talk like a pirate. Finally, I put the screws to Yum! Brands new banh mi restaurant, Banh Shop, for sticking a communist star in their logo. I'm happy say, they apologized yesterday and are coming up with a new logo.

It was Anne Marie's week to do some of her favorite dishes. She opened with the hash brown cake at Zov's, followed by the duck and pork cassoulet at Pinot Provence and orange blossom honey from Massey Honey Co. Finally, the ended the week with the wagyu loco moco skillet from Urban Seoul. She also interviewed Rasshad Moumneh of Falasophy for this week's On The Line.

Web Editor Taylor dropped in to write about Surge soda's return to the shelves. Former Intern Courtney Hamilton did a side-by-side comparison of Urban Plates and Tender Greens. The legendary Dave Mau dropped in to tell us what how we pay for what we drink says about who we are. Sarah Bennet took us to eat fried food on Long Beach Lunch.

That was this week, and we'll see you the next!


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