Ooo, pretty colors
Ooo, pretty colors
Christina Bryson

This Week In Food: Christmas in a Can, Chinese Tequila, and the Death of a Taco Tycoon

Hello my little rascals! So sorry you had to put up with Charles' sass in last week's Dining Digest. What's up with that guy, anyway?! Let's move on to the next week...

Edwin went to the long-awaited Selanne Steak Tavern and hey! looks like somebody's good at more things than hockey. He gave us a list of the 10 essential restaurants in Costa Mesa, although I need to argue with him about why Pitfire Pizza didn't make the list 'cause hot damn is that a good pie. Next he told us to try the spicy wontons at Ren Asian Bistro, and last he graced us with the most wonderful, lovely news I've heard all day: Beard Papa's cream puffs are making a comeback. HELL YES.

Gustavo supped at Lanta Thai Fusion in Orange for his Hole in the Wall review. He also warned us that China will be the second largest importer of tequila by 2018 (oh boy) and told us about a teen who crashed into a pole at 100 MPH during a Taco Bell run. Lastly, he announced the death of Raul Martinez Sr., the great founder of the King Taco chain and the inventor of the taco truck as we know it. Those are some serious feats, and we sincerely hope Martinez is kicking back and sipping tequila in the sky.

Charles showed us something rather...gross, and that is what a Christmas meal looks like when you put the entire thing in a can. Then he followed that up with a list of the worst things the Internet has ever smelled, and ended with a story about the man who conceptualized the Taco Bell Doritos Locos Taco and then died this Thanksgiving. Geez, Chuck, really brightening things up around here.

Anne Marie named Valiant Brewing's 10.5 MPG beer the Drink of the Week. She announced that Smoqued BBQ in the Orange Circle will now serve brunch, and she interviewed Marc Pitz from Dizz's As Is for her On the Line column.

Sarah took us to Los Compadres for her Long Beach Lunch. The Poorman told us where to get the cheapest gas in OC - but it may come at a rather high price. And one of our newest Weeklings, Ryan Cady, took on the 50 McNugget challenge.

Until next week, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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