Oh Papa...
Oh Papa...
Eleonor Segura

This Week In Food: Cheese Donuts, Puffy Tacos, and the Tower of Sandwiches

Happy Friday, folks, let's take a quick look at what happened this past week on Stick a Fork In It...

Edwin experienced the long-awaited reopening of Papa Hassan's in Anaheim. Then he described a few of his favorites dishes in the county for our build up to the Best Of issue - one of which was the ta pin lu at Pagolac. Next he showed a blogger who, for some reason, decided to order every sandwich from McDonald's and make it into...one big sandwich?! Last, he told us that KFCs in Asia will now serve donuts with grated cheese for breakfast. God! Where do people come up with these ideas?!

Anne Marie interviewed Chef Justin Miller from Pizzeria Ortica, one of our favorites. She gave us a preview of the upcoming Patchwork Edible show (you should go!) and then she wrote up the best overheard quotes at Decadence, our annual food party.

Gustavo's been all over the Southwest this week, but he did visit Joe Schmoe's in Cypress for his Hole in the Wall column and manage to review the controversial "puffy tacos" at El Polo Loco. Dave named Ararat Armenian brandy the Drink of the Week. Sarah went to Santa Fe Importers for her Long Beach Lunch, and Bill visited one of the most beautiful hotels in Baja, Rancho Pescadero.

Until next time, have a good one, from all of us at Stick a Fork In It!

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