Unf, Malay food.
Unf, Malay food.
Photo by Dustin Ames

This Week In Food: Banh Mi, Burritos, and Negroni Week

Another week, another write up. You guys are stuck with me again while LP's away. Let's take a look at the week that was in food:

Let's start with me. Turns out, The North Left is now open, and you guys should all go. Apart from that, I wrote an impassioned rant about dark meat chicken and got some back up about it from Gordon Ramsay (indirectly, though). I also wrote about this awesome cookbook that shows you how to eat well on $4 a day. Before that, I wrote up a Reddit thread about the five most awkward pizza deliveries ever, and this awesome Japanese food challenge. Also, did you hear? Taco Bell's parent is opening a banh mi shop; this is how they can not screw up. Oh, and Friday was National Donut Day.

Anne Marie told us about this awesome farm to fork class going on soon and some time changes and discounts at the Downtown Santa Ana Farmers' Market. She also did a great introduction for National Negroni Week. For On the Line, she spoke with Rainer Schwarz from Driftwood Kitchen.

Dave announced the eventual opening of the Bruery's new sours tasting room, Bruery Terreux (Earthy!) in Anaheim. He also made a rare public appearance at the Yost for Negroni Week.

For this week's lead restaurant review, Edwin was at Old Malaya Grill, Orange County's second Malay restaurant. He then spot lit one of the most precious charitable events ever, Alex's Lemonade Stand. He continued his charitable streak by high lighting the Share Our Strength charity dinner on Sunday. He also announced the soon to be open Caffè Bene, another South Korean coffee shop joing Cafe Byul for Irvine. Before that, he reminded us all that OC Beer Fest is THIS WEEKEND. Then there was his monthly Restaurant Roll Call.

It was a big week for the bossman, Gustavo: Not only did he have Drink of the Week (Grand Poppy Liquer), Eat This Now (the kampot pepper sauce at C4 Deli) and Hole in the Wall (ABC Indomart), but he also announced FiveThirtyEight's Burrito Bracket, on which he is a judge.

The wonderful Dave Mau wrote on seven ways working in food and beverage will ruin your life. Sarah Bennett spent her Long Beach Lunch at Gaucho Grill. Cleo Tobbi taught us all about beer yeast.

Also, this Sunday is the OC Weekly Summerfest, so check that out.

Man, a lot of stuff is happening this weekend. Have a good one, readers!

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