Michael's Pizzeria
Michael's Pizzeria
Jossue Rivas

This Week In Food: An Alcoholic Snow Cone, the Worst Reasons to Open a Restaurant, and Bacon Condoms (What!?!)

Happy Friday ladies and gents, let's take a look at what this week in food brought us...

Edwin reviewed Michael's Pizzeria in Long Beach where you can watch your pizzas being made in a bright and modern setting. Then he switched to strictly silly topics, telling us about Sriracha flavored chocolate bunnies for Easter and bacon condoms for any occasion! Last, he gave us a visual of what 2,000 calories actually looks like at your favorite fast food establishments.

Gustavo went to Yeh Won, a Korean restaurant in Garden Grove, where it's always packed and full of friendly people. He told us to eat the Mole Poblano Taco at Los Reyes de el Elote Asado in SanTana, and then shared the news that the Taste of Newport will not be happening this year. This is the first time the event has been cancelled in 24 years. Last, he gave us an interesting story about how the porn industry could actually be blamed for the lack of care about food-borne illnesses in America. You can judge for yourself, but the video is pretty funny anyway.

Anne Marie announced the opening of Doghouse in Newport Beach and visited Thasos Greek Island Grille for a tasty, Sunday brunch. She also interviewed Walter Cotta of Algeria and L'Opera for her On the Line column. Dave named the Italian Snow Cone at ARC the Drink of the Week, and it looks sooo delicious. Then he gave us a list of 10 great restaurants to go for a first date. Last, he announced that SanTana will be starting OC's first real food market. Yay!

Sarah went to The Original Park Pantry for her Long Beach Lunch, and Dave Mau gave us a funny and heartfelt list of the worst reasons to open a restaurant.

Until next week, have a good one from all of us at Stick a Fork in It!

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